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Corporate Videos


Corporate Videos are Company Biodata Videos. Here we give entire profile of the company in the form of a skit and/or narration with Animation and VFX.These videos are normally from 5-10 mins depending upon the budget of the client.


I give clients best solutions in dealing with Corporate Videos by giving them the Story-Concept-Script-Production and Edit. With this the cliets usually have extra ordinary outcome of Business Material that they can show on their website or in the form of a CD.


AD-Films/Commercials /Radio Jingles


My primary means of Professional career is making commercials and AD Films. I have over 13 yrs of expert knowledge and experience in the field of Ad Production-Film Production. Working at Different levels and Directors as Asst Director --This has given me quite a motivation.


45 Sec Edit+SFX


15 Sec+Animation


Short Films


I am a professional Short-Film Maker. I have made 2 Short films in the past and am prepared to make many more in the coming future. With my skills in Story and conceptualising I am willing to make and share best practices for short Films for clients and producers.


In short Films there is basically a story. And this story is what it depicts the entire concept of the film. The story has to be complete and challenging and should hold the viewres for about 7-8 mins.It is made with a good mix of sound +music+great actors+and SFX.

Full Length Feature Films/Motion Picture


Out of my Best experiences and knwledge we at "ARA" are able to create a Full Length Motion Picture- From Start To Release. All the areas such as Pre-Production-Post Production-Direction-Editing-Sound Design and Film Distribution are all taken care-of with Expert team of professionals.

I have worked in over 30 Full Length Feature Films and have worked in front and at the back of these films making me an eligible professional to work and cater to this area of Film Making.



By Digital Videos we mean videos that are made for web use and purpose of these videos is to display the content for web space primarily or Social Media. These videos are in compressed manner and are uploaded in a specific format. The files are compressed to a smaller size that can be uploaded easily and at the same time neatly visible.

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